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We are different and independent and proud of it!

Basically, we keep trying to perfect the art of enjoying life. The art of love. The art of eating well. 

The art of drinking well. And our brewers would like to share that with you. The 9 French Craft Brewers are shipping their “joie de vivre” along with their products.

Family, friendship, honor, conviviality, diners with friends, quality, independence : we believe in values and base our success on people’s daily happiness through well-crafted beers.

Did you know that in the 1890's, France's golden age, the country had 2372 breweries ? and by 1945, only a dozen breweries were left in France mainly due to World war I and World War II.

Drawing upon our long brewing tradition and respecting our regional differences, 9 brave brewing musketeers have formed the French Craft Brewers group.


We have one single and shared honorable goal : to allow craft beer lovers to discover our wide range of beers as well as our passion for taste, tradition, and respect for quality.

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