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The birthplace of Napoléon, is also called the “Isle of Beauty”. Why ?...



This island with a long and dramatic history (Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Moors, and Italians have all invaded its shores) is an insular land of striking contrasts that encompasses the high plateaus of Corte to the beaches of Porto Vechhio. Lush Mediterranean vegetation gives way to dense scrub. Granite cliffs plunge into brilliant waters. 

The Corsican gastronomy revolves around seasonal products, harvested at the peak of ripeness. At the heart of this culture is the chestnut tree. 

Considered to be sacred, the chestnut is called the “bread tree” and the “tree of life”. Corsica is one of the last places in Europe where the dried chestnuts are still milled into flour and used in a multitude of culinary preparations : hearty pasta and polenta, delectable cakes, and of course in beer - liquid bread. 

Wines have traditionally been made on Corsica, but given the local saying, “he who drinks only water ends up with frogs in his belly”, it’s no surprise that Corsicans have put their gastronomic passion and respect for regional patrimony into brewing!